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I am finally ensconced in my new home!

My sister and I have bought a charming (read small) 2 bedroom flat the other side of Brixton, in a place called Tulse Hill. The kitchen needs to be completely renovated, you can hear the neighbours creaking around upstairs (are they ALWAYS doing aerobics?!) and the bathroom needs to be re-tiled but its all ours!

I would be lying if I said the house buying process was smooth…

But its all over now and I am so happy to be there!

I now handily live next door to one of the best pubs in the area. Even before moving, I had enjoyed many a glass of red wine/pint of cider in the huge beer garden of the Tulse Hill Hotel but was yet to sample the food. I wish I had now!

The Girls and I popped for a quick breakfast one morning and were really impressed.


You are led through to bright dining room area that overlooks the Garden. We picked a table near the window and quickly ordered caffeine.

Spot the engagement ring!


It is an odd thing to comment on but I love the tables here! They are rich shade of nut brown and are huge so the whole place feels spacious and relaxed. I loathe being squeezed into places so this another reason they get my thumbs up!


Exceedingly good Eggs Royale for me. The hollandaise was very slightly too tart for my tastes but the eggs were beautifully poached and sat atop exceptionally good quality salmon.


Fruit, nuts and yoghurt for J. This came served on the most rustic wooden board that I thought was wonderful. My new property-owning status has left me obsessed with all homewares!


The best part of having poached eggs for me, is diving into them and unleashing that beautiful runny yolk…


C had the Eggs Benedict with ham which also got the nob of approval.


It is more expensive than the average brunch but for convenience,top quality ingredients and marvelously chatty staff, the Tulse Hill Hotel can’t be beaten. It wasn’t THAT busy so I wouldn’t think you need to book.

Wesbite here, menu we had here and the fuller brunch menu here (doesn’t the Tomato Bread sound like a dream?) I have heard good things about the Roast as well, so that is next on my list to sample…