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No no, sadly not the new title of this blog. Though, truth be told, my life is very like the below…


At this moment I am definitely not sitting in my pyjamas, with Homeland on in the background, eating Nutella straight from the jar. Yep.

Anyway, Champagne Life is a brand new exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, running until the 9th of March. It is a show entirely by woman artists showing different sculptures, portraits and creations.

I know next than nothing about Art, but had heard good things so dragged N with me one blustery Saturday afternoon.

We meandered down the Kings Road and then joined the throngs of people heading into the Gallery.


Upon arrival, we discovered it was £1 for a programme. ‘Bugger this!’ I cried, ‘We are intelligent and cultured, who needs that?’ and marched into the first room.

After 5 minutes of wandering around, nodding pensively and staring intensely at different paintings, our eyes met with the same look of confusion. We had no idea what was going on.

£1 later, we went back in, feeling slightly ashamed but much more well informed.


(Nails ruined from peeling off a shellac!)

All the exhibitions were interesting and a few, down right terrifying. I have popped a few of my favourites below:


The show is running for a couple more weeks and, even if you’re like me and know nothing about Art, is a fun way to spend a couple of hours! Most importantly of all, it is FREE. All details here.


After grabbing frothy coffees, we slowly meandered back to Victoria, playing my favourite game on the way – ‘Dream House Hunting’… anyone have a spare £55 million for this delight in Eaton Square?

One day…