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In my humble opinion, brunch is the best thing ever.

Eggs, bacon, coffee, Bloody Mary’s and pancakes, all served up alongside catching up with a friend. So much better than breakfast when everyone (read me) is still a bit too grumpy/groggy to be any good company.

But brunch… Brunch is fun! Brunch is sociable! Yummy food that can be masked as ‘breakfast’ and sometimes even the suggestion of alcohol? Brunch every weekend is fine with me!

pancakes bacon cafe-au

Now, I love brunch but I am also very lazy. I am very lucky Brixton has so many great spots and majority of my friends live a bus ride away! A and I went to an old favourite in the Village last Saturday, Wild Caper.

The focus is on really high quality ingredients for a fair price. The place itself is teeny tiny but they can normally seat you pretty quickly.


IMG_4752 IMG_4754

The front counter spills over with home made pastries, cookies and cakes. Only just leaving room for a huge gleaming coffee machine.


The tea pots are pretty fancy as well!

IMG_4750 (2) IMG_4750

Granola with fresh fruit, yoghurt and honey for A


Eggs Royale for me – two perfectly poached eggs, smoked salmon, smothered in creamy hollandaise sauce perched on big buttery slices of sourdough. A is much healthier than me!

IMG_4755 IMG_4756

The staff are lovely who leave you in peace to natter away and the bill came to under a tenner each. I didn’t try the Bloody Mary’s but judging from the groans of delight (!) from the table next to us, they were worth a try.

Find them here and definitely buy a croissant as you leave for later! Happy Brunching 🙂