Ramen seems to be the new thing in London. It used to be fried chicken, then Burgers and now everyone seems to be going wild for noodles!


My haunt of choice? Bone Daddies. The super talented Ross Shonhan (the guy who used to be Head Chef at Zuma and Nobu) opened this super cool ramen bar in 2012 in a hidden corner of Soho. It’s small, crowded and the blaringly loud rock n roll music hits you like a tidal wave when you walk through the door.

Now it is one of those annoying places you can’t book and have to queue, but every time I have been, the queue honestly hasn’t been that bad! Expect to wait about 30 minutes for a table but you can order a drink to pass the time – the Mr Sparkle (cucumber, pink grapfruit and oolong tea) slips down very easily if you are avoiding alcohol or if you fancy something a bit stronger, I would recommend the Berry Berry Nice (gin, raspberry and gingerbeer).

I always insist on getting the fried chicken to start. It might seem odd… but trust me. It might be the best I have had in London! I would also recommend the soft shell crab. It is served pipping hot with a green chilli sauce that has a kick! We burnt our fingers (… and tongues, ahem!) in our haste to eat it!


All the Ramen’s come with egg, bamboo and sprouts and are all very different but equally filling. My favourite? The Tonkotsu Ramen. Made in 20 hour pork bone broth, it comes with chashu pork and spring onions. The broth is creamy and rich and salty and just all around delicious!


Now, last time I went, I recommended the Tonkotsu for my dapper dining companion and plumped for the T22 – chicken with a soy ramen.


Basically, I ordered it because it came with ‘cock scratchings’. I still have no idea what they are but they were tasty and it and the name made me laugh!

Immature? Me?


Anyway, the T22 was good… but the Tonkutsu was better! If you are a spice fiend, I have also heard the Tantanmen packs a punch!


Now, that looks like three people enjoying ramen!

Find them here and remember, your bowl must look like the below when you’ve finished!