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Amsterdam was awesome. There are no other words for it. Just freaking awesome!

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The obvious debauchery aside, there is a lot more to the Dam than you would have ever thought. It is simply picturesque! C, a die hard Scot, even remarked at one point, ‘I think this might even be more beautiful than Edinburgh’, which shocked all of us to our very core. (You can read about our Scottish adventures herehere and here).

I have posted a few of my snaps below – all taken on my trusty iPhone. I really need to get a new DSLR – any recommendations from pro-photographers?

When the sun comes out, the City is magical!IMG_3800 IMG_3801 IMG_3808

Topsy turvy houses!

IMG_3810 IMG_3815

Smallest house in Amsterdam!

IMG_3818 IMG_3829

We stayed on a houseboat which as you can see from our beaming faces below, was fab. They are moored a 5 minute walk from Central Station and 10 minutes from the Red Light District. Book them here and if you’re not convinced by me, read the reviews here.

IMG_3845 IMG_3846

Traditional food is ‘bitterballen’, little deep fried balls filled with cheesy, meaty, potato-y goo. Okay, I am not describing them very well, but I promise you, they are nice!


Three Bloody Mary’s and one chocolate milk…

The food generally is pretty good, there are lots of sweet things: stroop waffles, poffetjes (traditional dutch pancakes) and the best Apple Pie ever – if you ever venture to Amsterdam, please make sure you have a trip to Winkel’s!

BUFFET von Odette was recommended to us for Brunch and it was wicked (get the truffle cheese omelette – take that hangover!).

IMG_3824 IMG_3825 IMG_3888 IMG_3898 IMG_3902 IMG_3951 IMG_3988

Bloody Mary’s are the best way to cure any hangover!

IMG_3822 IMG_3912 IMG_3924 IMG_3982

Make sure you book Anne Franks House or prepare to stand in a veeeeryyyyy long line and the Museums are worth a trip (Van Gogh, Matisse etc etc). We made a trip to ‘Foodhallen’, Amsterdam’s version of Borough Market – thanks for insisting we went A! It is set in an old warehouse where disused Trams used to be stores and has lots of food stalls and bars. I would particularly recommend the Gin and Tonic Bar – don’t worry, we sampled majority of them for you and it resulted in 5 very happy, if not merry girls!

IMG_3881 IMG_3882 IMG_3932 IMG_3947IMG_3957 IMG_3937

Amsterdam used to be the wealthiest city in the world – it is built over a formation of canals that ensured its place as a vital trading hub. The best way to explore is to hit the streets and dander around – you come across so many cool little spots completely by accident.Make sure you take comfy shoes! My converses did the job perfectly.

IMG_3790 IMG_3792 IMG_3831 IMG_3840 IMG_3863 IMG_3870 IMG_3876

Amsterdam might have been one of the best city breaks I have ever been on and what made it so good was the lovely bunch of birds I went with. You can get pretty cheap flights if you book far in advance and all i can say, is go go go! And remember, what happens in the Dam, stays in the Dam!


Obvious trip to the Sex Museum… best 5€ spent.

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