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I have had a somewhat peculiar fascination with playing Mini Golf for a few months now. After many a failed attempt to drag different chums with me, I eventually abandoned the idea…

Until, I received a mysterious text from G last week – ‘Keep Saturday free – it’s a surprise’. And guess where we were going!


Swingers is a achingly cool Pop Up in Shoreditch – under one roof is a crazy golf course, several well stocked bars and roaming food trucks.


When you arrive, it is a little like walking through the cupboard into Narnia – there is a place to check your coats and you are given a time to head to the Golf Course. They stagger playing so you don’t end up queuing too much.

Luckily, due to G’s insistence that I be on time (first for everything!), we were at the front of the queue, which meant we got to play straight away 😀


After being handed a scorecard, a pencil, a club (they tried to give us children’s ones… we refused) and some basic instructions (being a nerd, I insisted we read The Rules, much to G’s disbelief) we were set loose on the Golf Course.

I managed to pot mine in two shots on the first hole – which led G to exclaim ‘I think we have found your sport!’


There were nine holes in total – including a loop de loop (technical name), dodging sandbanks and circling a pond



Playing took just over an hour – there was still a bit of queuing as you moved from hole to hole, but the atmosphere didn’t make it seem like a chore. It was fun to see how others were getting on, to plot tactics for the next hole and to compare/perfect/learn different techniques…


Food was the first thing on my mind as soon as we had finished – When Mac Met Cheese and Pizza Pilgrims seemed like they would fit the bill perfectly!



We opted for the Classic Mac and Cheese (with bacon obvs) and a Truffle Pizza, to share. OH MY GOD.



Both of them were unbelievable. Just absolutely freaking delicious. The Mac and Cheese was a combo of mature cheddar, red leicester and parmesan, with a little nutmeg sprinkled in at the end. The bacon on top added a salty kick that stopped it from being too sickly. The pizza had portobello mushrooms, mozarella, basil and truffle oil. SO decadent… and just so great. And I normally don’t even like pizza that much!



Swingers is well worth a visit! They are pretty booked up at the moment and I can see why, but at a tenner a ticket, it would be a great way to spend a Friday night. Grab a group of chums and get down there. You can book here.

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O and G was completely wrong… it turns out Crazy Golf isn’t quite my sport either. I went rapidly downhill after my triumphant start…