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The majority of my Friday nights tend to have the same basic format.

6pm: ‘Sure, I’ll come to the Pub. Just quick drink to see off the week though.’

8pm: ‘Another bottle? Ah, go on then. It is Friday after all.’


11.30pm: ‘Last orders? What? I know, let’s go DANCING’

12.30am: ‘Don’t worry guys, I just requested Call Me Maybe’

1.30am: ‘I’ll have 20 Chicken Nuggets please’


giphy (1)

This Friday, we decided to try and take a more sophisticated approach. S suggested an Art Exhibition in Shoreditch, Modern Toss: A Decade in the Shithouse.

Now, you may not have heard of Modern Toss before, but you will 100% recognise their work. It is the genius creation of Jon Link and Mick Bunnage, two comic cartoonists with a knack for modern satire.


They are holding a Exhibition in Forge & Co to celebrate ten years of their work and all I can say is GO GO GO.

DSCF9004 DSCF9018

The room is filled with snickers, snorts and chortles as people take in the exhibit and a very serious looking T: DSCF9011 DSCF9028DSCF9007

Thumbs up!


Being a sucker for anything Titanic related, I thoroughly enjoyed the above!


Modern Toss has an uncanny knack for illustrating exactly what we are all thinking… or wish we were clever enough to think. Well worth a trip and its free, which never hurts.


We had a few drinks after… because, well it was Friday after all.

Links to the exhibit here and more information on Modern Toss, here. Enjoy!