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Work friends essentially become your new school, college and university friends. Sitting next to the same person for 7 hours (or longer!) a day, 5 days a week, vocalising any whim that rattles around your mind (maybe that’s just me?), is either a recipe for disaster or a long lasting friendship.

Luckily for me, the girl I sat next to for the majority of two years, is pretty damn cool.


And when your Work BFF leaves, you feel the same way you did when you left school, college and university. Pretty devastated.

To celebrate the end of an era for G, we toodled down to Champagne + Fromage in Brixton for some cheese, bubbles and to stare at the dashingly handsome French waiters.


There has been a lot of controversy about Champagne + Fromage opening in Brixton Village. Many have quoted it as an example of gentrification running wild and in true Brixton style, a protest was organised to ‘GET THE YUPPIES OUT!’. The aim of said protest was to ‘try and disturb the yuppie infidels so much that they choke on their rancid fizz and vintage death cheese.’

I get it. I understand why people are so annoyed… but I kinda really like the cheese.


We plumped for a Brixton Sunrise each to begin as lunchtime drinking on a Tuesday afternoon is completely acceptable. It was a combination of  apple juice, passion fruit, cassis and champagne.



(Apologies for the picture quality, blogging rule 101, always charge your camera!)


Before deciding to share a baked Camembert with fig and honey and a Charcuterie Board.



They were both delicious. Gooey salty cheese, with the sweet tang of the fig, all smothered over a piece of warm bread. The selection on the charcuterie board was limited, but the quality was second to none. The interior was cosy and the waiters very charming. They were also handing out free lumps of cheese to entice people in which I am ALWAYS a fan off!

I would say it is definitely worth a trip, but don’t go for lunch like we did. We spent about £15-16 each (fair enough, we did have a drink) but felt more like we had had an (admittedly decadent!) snack than a meal. Grab your favourite buddy and head on down for an afternoon treat and natter.

And I will leave you with my favourite cheese joke:

What did they find after an explosion at the french cheese factory?

Nothing but de-brie!