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Both my parents were 60 this month. When I was younger, I thought that was how you found someone to marry. You just had the find someone that was born in same month and in the same year and then you had to get married. If only it was that easy eh?

To help celebrate their milestone, I decided to make some cupcakes.

Cherry and Marshmallow Cupcakes to be exact, smothered in Vanilla Icing.


Super easy to whip up with the below ingredients:

    • Handful of Mini Marshmallows
    • Handful of Glace Cherries
    • 110g butter… I favour Stork but any butter will be fine
    • 110g muscovado sugar… again, you can use any type really but muscovado gives the cupcakes a nice texture
    • 2 beaten eggs
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract
    • 110g self raising flour
    • spoonful of lemon juice
    • 140g butter
    • 280g icing sugar


Start by combining your butter and sugar together with a mixer. It might need a bit of work as muscovado sugar tends to be a bit lumpy and hard… or maybe that’s just mine. Keep at it though until its evenly mixed. Beat your eggs in a separate bowl:


Then add to the mixture and stir until its all mixed in


Add your sifted flour, again bit by bit. I normally get a bit impatient at this stage but do take your time as it is the key to a fluffy sponge!


Chop up your cherries and bung it in with your marshmallows, spoonful of lemon juice and mix until they are evenly distributed. Spoon into cases (you should have about 12)


… pretty sure you can see where I got distracted while spooning and dropped mixture everywhere. Fail.

Anywho, split the mixture as evenly as you can and bung it into the oven for 15 minutes at 180F. They should look lovely and golden when they’re ready.


Don’t worry that they’re slightly uneven on top, that will all be hidden by the icing. I personally prefer them as they are but given that this was a special occasion…

Mix your butter and icing sugar until you get an even butter cream, spoon on to each cake and smooth down. I then sprayed all the cakes in this to get the gold effect and mixed a dab of this in the leftover icing to pipe the letters.


Apologies for the slightly amateur nature of the piping… I couldn’t find my piping bag and had to improvise… I wouldn’t particularly advise it!

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice I am missing the ‘&’ between ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’. Rule one of being a clumsy girl, always make spares as you will definitely drop one!

H x